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"Our prices are other people's discounts"

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Is your facial hair making you feel awkward? You don't have to deal with it anymore! Come in and have one of our waxing specialists provide you with a smooth waxing service like never before. Gain the confidence you deserve.

Leave your waxing needs to the professionals! Head-To-Toe has been providing great waxing services since 1986.

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  • Lips - $5

  • Eyes - $10

  • Chin - $5 to $10

  • Cheeks - $20

Waxing services for you

Waxing is more efficient than shaving because it removes the entire hair from the root, not just from the surface of the skin. Visit us and kiss your unwanted hair goodbye. Pamper yourself and look beautiful today.

Benefits of waxing

Get waxing services at affordable rates to get you look beautiful. Call us today to schedule your waxing appointment!

Don't let that unwanted hair bother you anymore

Your waxing specialists are here!

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